Work in Canada required jobs and professions in Canada and the conditions for applying to it 2023



Work in Canada … jobs and professions needed in Canada in 2022. Canada is famous for being an excellent country for immigrants, so we find that it opens its doors every year to thousands of immigrants, including workers, craftsmen, engineers, and investors, to live in it and achieve economic prosperity that helps Canada grow.

This polarization of immigration occurs in Canada every year due to its shortage and the lack of qualified manpower compared to the vast area of ​​Canada, as well as its small population.

Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship in the Canadian government Marco Medicine announced a plan to attract immigrants from various countries around the world, which also includes Moroccans, Algerians, and citizens of various Arab countries.

After the implementation of this decision, the number of immigrants to Canada will increase by the end of 2023, and the number of immigrants will be about 1% of the total population of Canada.

The number of immigrants being attracted is still not enough, so how can a country with an area of ​​about 10 million square kilometers, rank as the second largest in the world, with a population of only 40 million?

Therefore, the Canadian government is always seeking to bring workers and immigrants to emergencies and inevitable situations, as it needs citizens to live in this country and skilled workers to fill vacancies in Canada.

The country\’s economy and strength depend on its population and workforce, which helps it to compete economically on a global scale in various industries and fields.

So, you can imagine the huge difference between the population of China, the population of the United States, and Canada.

Immigrating to Canada, the authorities prefer to bring in skilled workers who can provide a strong supplement to the Canadian labor market. and Canada Labor Shortage Coverage.

Work in Canada required jobs and professions in Canada and the conditions for applying to it 2023

Jobs in demand in Canada 2022|2023

  • Professors and teachers in basic and university education;
  • Primary school and kindergarten teachers
  • Educational guides College staff and vocational trainers programmers and developers of computer systems;
  • Computer software engineers
  • Heavy industry engineers
  • Energy engineer
  • Electrical and electronic engineer
  • mechanical engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Metallurgical and raw materials engineer
  • Architect
  • Flight engineer
  • sales representatives
    In the field of engineering:
  • Nurses and health care providers
  • Doctors of all specialties
  • professional cooks;
  • information security consultants;
  • graphic designers;
  • accountants;
  • investment analysts for investment companies and the stock exchange;[the_ad_group id=\”3\”]

The required professions in Canada 2022|2023


  • horticultural workers;
  • network workers;
  • Journalists
  • Shoe industry workers
  • Nurses
  • firemen;
  • barbers and hairdressers;
  • cooks and cooks;
  • Hospitality service providers in hotels and tourist places;
  • construction technicians;
  • purchasing managers;
  • manufacturing department managers;
  • financial analysts;
  • medical laboratory workers;
  • petroleum exploration engineers;
  • sewing workers;
  • postal employees;
  • mechanical engineers;
  • social workers;
  • Mining engineers.
  • Drivers (trucks, cranes, taxis…)

    Free professions required in Canada 2022|2023

    • civil engineers;
    • lawyers;
    • physiotherapists and physical rehabilitation;
    • doctors in all fields;
    • dentists
    • Interior designers
    • translators;
    • experts in the field of nutrition;
    • artists;
    • painters;
    • sculptors
    • Graphics specialists;
    • Sewing and fashion profession

    Qualifications to apply for the required professions in Canada 2022|2023


    A person who wishes to apply for one of these professions and jobs through the Canadian  Express Entry  Program for Skilled Workers must meet some necessary and important conditions, as follows:

    • Professional experience for at least two years, and the more years of experience, the better the chances;
    • Proficiency in the English language by obtaining a language diploma recognized in Canada ( for example, IELTS  )
    • Proficiency in the French language if choosing Quebec immigration programs;
    • Academic evidence (and the higher the academic evidence, the greater the chances)
    • the availability of adequate financial resources;

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      1. Hello My name is Sheraz Manzoor I was completed the 16 years program for B’s Tourism and Hospitality and other six months diploma in restaurant Management (NAVTTC) and other skill I am driver 7 years experience and I need a job Thanks.

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