Why choose to study in Canada 2023?

Canadian cities are safe, clean, orderly, and uncrowded. At the same time, Canada offers an integrated urban experience from modern cities where the most important events, art festivals and lively events are held. Also, the costs of studying in Canada are reasonable compared to other destinations in North America. Choose to study in Canada with IF at our institutes in Vancouver, Toronto or Vancouver Island, and take advantage of the institute\’s weekend activities and excursions to experience the magic of Canada up close.

One of the reasons for choosing to study in Canada is the reputation of its prestigious educational institutions and its effective educational system. Many universities in Canada are known for their high academic rankings across all levels of study, such as McGill University, Carleton University, and the University of British Columbia. Major Canadian cities, such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, are among the 50 most popular global study destinations, according to a metric that compares the cost of living, the positive job market, and the diversity of study programs, which means that studying in Canada will be the same. One of the best study decisions you will ever make. Despite the high quality of education you will get by studying in Canada at universities, the costs of studying in Canada are still much lower than the costs of studying in other popular destinations.

How can I study in Canada?

First, you have to define your goal of studying in Canada. Is your goal to study in Canada to learn English or to deepen your knowledge of the local Canadian culture? Or maintain your English proficiency, enjoy a vacation in Canada while practicing your English or seek to study in Canada to prepare for university? Or do you have other interests?

Improve your English language skills while studying in Canada

Prepare to study at a university in Canada

Increase your chances of obtaining professional training in a global company, or gaining work or volunteer experience while studying in Canada

Obtaining a recognized language certificate such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and Cambridge Exam

Study in Canada for a master\’s degree or MBA

Where can I study English in Canada?

Canada is the second largest country in the world, stretching from the North Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west. Traveling to Canada to study will allow you to learn about the great natural diversity of this country.

EF offers two destinations to study English in Canada. Fans of urban culture will appreciate the vibrant atmosphere of Toronto and the modernity of Vancouver. For history and heritage lovers, we recommend visiting Old Quebec City while studying English in Canada, which is the cradle of French culture in North America.

If you prefer wide open spaces and landscapes, we recommend that you visit Banff National Park while studying English in Canada, where you can see the Northern Lights in the sky, which is more than a wonderful experience. In addition, you will be amazed when you stand before the majesty of Niagara Falls for the first time.

Choose your course while studying English in Canada and discover why this country is known worldwide for its friendly people, the rich mix of cultures it offers, and its stunning natural beauty.

How can I prepare to study at a university in Canada?

The Preparatory Academic Year Program in Canada offers a range of intensive English courses, college preparation courses, TOEFL and courses in academic research, study skills and essay writing. In addition, students wishing to prepare for study at a university in Canada with EF can choose enrichment courses in areas of interest to them, in preparation for university.

Graduates of the University Preparatory Program in Canada receive special benefits with some of EF\’s partner institutions, including gaining admission to university by achieving a high score after completing their studies with EF, no TOEFL required, flexible college application deadlines, And get quick response to applications.

The EF University Preparation Program is ideal for high school graduates looking to study in Canada

Lessons – 32 lessons, each session lasting 40 minutes (total of 21 tuition hours per week)

Program start date – January, April and September

Program Duration – 6 or 9 months, depending on your level of English

Requirements to study in Canada

Pre-Masters and Pre-Masters in Business Administration programs prepare you to enroll in a master\’s program while studying in Canada. These intensive programs provide all the language preparation and academic skills needed to study in Canada as part of a graduate program.

To be eligible for the Masters Preparation While Studying in Canada program, you must hold a Bachelor\’s degree or equivalent and be proficient in the English language to the required level. For 9-month courses, this means an IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent in the free placement test. For Masters preparation courses of 6 months duration, you must have an IELTS score of at least 6.0 or equivalent. In addition, you must complete a SELT (Secure English Language Test) to obtain a visa to travel to Canada.

How can I obtain a student visa to study in Canada?

Foreign students who have completed their studies in Canada and wish to stay and work there can apply for a residence and work permit in the country. This helps students who want to cover the cost of studying in Canada. Canada\’s immigration and visa procedures are generally easy.

If you want to study in Canada for more than 6 months, you must obtain a student visa in Canada, which requires the submission of certain documents. A student applying to study in Canada must apply for a visa through the Canadian Immigration Services website. EF staff will assist and advise you throughout the application process. One of the conditions for obtaining a visa to study in Canada is to have basic health insurance.

What are the costs of studying in Canada?

Canada offers a variety of programs for those who want to study English in Canada, so the costs of studying in Canada will vary depending on your needs and goals. Is your goal to study English in Canada for several weeks? Or are you planning to study in Canada to prepare for university for 6 months or even a year? It is important to know the purpose of your studies in Canada. Depending on your goals and aspirations, you can choose to study English in Canada for 2 weeks, a month, 6 months or even a year.

Live your own experience while studying in Canada

Even if you are far away from your home country, you will not feel so nostalgic when studying in Canada. You will meet many classmates from all over the world who will have similar goals to yours, creating the perfect environment to make friends. If you want to live with a family during your study period in Canada, you will receive their interest and help you get to know your neighborhood, in addition to answering your questions and inquiries and providing you with many opportunities to practice your language skills. You will feel the warmth and welcome of Toronto and Vancouver, their interest in making your progress and comfort in your new home while studying in Canada.

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