Top International Scholarships in Canada 2022/2023

International scholarships in Canada are offered by the Canadian government and many higher institutions alongside grants, awards, and bursaries to international students in a bid to help them finance their education.

There are application processes candidates have to follow in order to obtain these scholarships. It is also important to note the closing dates and apply before those dates in order to be considered. Also, there are limited Canadian scholarships.

Why study in Canada?

One exceptional quality of Canada is that there are two official languages ​​spoken there: English and French. Canadians are very welcoming and the environment accommodating to foreign students.

Canada has 96 universities located across the nation. 26 out of the 96 ranks high among the world\’s top universities. The wide range of programs comprises Computer Science and IT, Agricultural Science and Forestry, Media Journalism, Business and Finance, and a lot of others.

Some health insurances are offered for free by some provinces to international students.

Cost of Living in Canada

Schooling in Canada is cost-effective and much less expensive than schooling in the UK, US, and Australia. Costs vary widely based on each school. However, on a general note, the cost ranges between CA$20,000 to 30,000 for undergraduate programs. Postgraduate programs are a little cheaper and could be about CA$16,000 per year.

It will be very encouraging to apply for international scholarships in Canada to help cut down the financial load on an individual. Securing a job is a good way to help finance your stay in Canada. Students are permitted to work 20 hours/week in the course of semesters and full-time during breaks.

September 9, 2021

Eligibility for Canadian universities

You will be required to prove your language proficiency, submit transcripts from previous studies, demonstrate your financial capabilities, and medical coverage.

The following are some of the scholarship awards obtainable in Canada and the required information required for their application.

Metro Awards of Excellence at University of Toronto in Canada 2020

The University of Toronto is proud to announce its Metro International Secondary Academy Awards of Excellence to international students who are seeking to undergo a degree program at the Institution. It is to be awarded to domestic or international undergraduate students entering their first year of study based on academic merit. Preference will be granted to former students of the Metro International Secondary Academy.

The University is committed to nurturing an academic community in which the learning and resolute devotion to the principles of equal opportunity, fairness, and justice. The University has comprehensive scholarship award programs that recognize exceptional achievement across different levels of study. The University, its colleges, faculties, and divisions award approximately 5,000 admission scholarships that total nearly $23 million and nearly 5,800 in-course awards each year.

Annually, one award at $5,000 will be awarded to the student with the highest average and two additional awards of $2,500 will be awarded, based on academic merit.

International Bursaries at Algoma University in Canada 2020

Algoma University is currently awarding the International Bursaries to individuals who have a desire to start an undergraduate degree program at the Institution.

A $2,000 bursary will be provided to all existing and incoming International Degree Students registering for the 2020 Spring and 2020 Fall semesters. The $2,000 bursary is set at $1,000 per 15-credit semester (or $200 per 3-credit course) and is valid for two consecutive terms of study (2020 Spring and 2020 Fall or 2020 Fall and 2021 Winter). This would also be applicable for the 2021/2022 academic year, which can add up to a maximum of $4,000 over the two years.

A $3,000 bursary will be provided to all existing and incoming Graduate Certificate program students for the 2020 Spring and 2020 Fall semesters. The $3,000 bursary is set at $1,500 per 15-credit semester (or $300 per 3-credit course) and is valid for two consecutive terms of study (2020 Spring and 2020 Fall or 2020 Fall and 2021 Winter). This would also be applicable for the 2021/2022 academic year, which can add up to a maximum of $6,000 over the two years.

Engineering International Awards at McGill University in Canada 2020

The Engineering International Awards at McGill University provides multi-year funding to students who wish to enter directly into a degree program within the Faculty.

The MEITA provides competitive recruitment funding to continue attracting high caliber international doctoral students to the Faculty of Engineering\’s Ph.D. programs by contributing to the cost of their international Ph.D. tuition supplement fee.

In addition to minimum funding of $19,000 per year provided by the supervisor or department, the Faculty of Engineering offers a MEITA award of $8,000 towards the international Ph.D. Supplement fee, for a total funding package of at least $27,000. This award is for one year and up to a duration of 3 years. Candidates are considered during the Ph.D. application process.

Principal\’s Scholarships at Queen\’s University in Canada 2021

Queen\’s University in Canada is awarding the Principal\’s Scholarships to international students who are passionate about studying for a degree program at the institution. QU offers a variety of degree programs that help students gain great knowledge and nimble skills required in today\’s competitive world.

Each award is valued at $4,000. If you have been granted a renewable academic-based award, to remain eligible for renewal of the award you are expected to:

  • Remain enrolled in an 80% course load (usually 24 units in Fall/Winter)
  • Achieve a minimum GPA of 3.5

GSA Awards at Concordia University of Edmonton in Canada 2021

Applications are currently invited for the GSA Awards at the Concordia University of Edmonton which will be awarded to individuals who are interested in studying a degree program at the Concordia University of Edmonton in Canada.

The GSA Scholarship Award program is a merit-based scholarship awarded out every semester. The number of scholarship awards will fluctuate depending on the funds accumulated from the GSA fee levy and the number of candidates in any given semester.

Value of Scholarship Awards: $750 for a diploma program, $1,000 for a degree program, $500 for a certificate program; The value of the scholarship award may be prorated on the basis of enrollment.

International Latin American Leadership Entrance Awards at Fanshawe College in Canada 2021

The International Latin American Leadership Entrance Awards was created for foreign visa students with a valid Study Permit from a nation in Central America or South America (as verified by the International Office) and is enrolled full time in Level 1 (or first semester with advanced standing ) in any post-secondary program and has to be in the first post-secondary program at Fanshawe College.

Entrance scholarship award chances are provided to candidates who have newly graduated from high school and who have accepted their offer of admission to attend a specific program at Fanshawe College. Many of these award openings do not require candidates to apply, since they are based primarily on the candidate\’s overall admission average.

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