Top 10 highest paying jobs in Canada

Here are the top 10 jobs in Canada that were on top of the jobs currently in demand in terms of the high level of wages, and in terms of the demand for these professions in particular in all Canadian states and Francophone in particular.

Jobs in Canada

Well, if you are working in one of the jobs mentioned in the list below, then your chance to immigrate to Canada is much better than other applicants to immigrate to this country, especially if you have 2 to 3 years of experience in one of those. Jobs, the more years of work experience, the more points you get in your immigration file, which qualifies you for immigration quickly.

The highest paying jobs in Canada

Nursing position or Registered Nurse:

The job of a registered nurse is one of the best and most in-demand jobs in Canada 2019. The average salary for a registered nurse in Canada is $38 per hour, and this job is well and in strong demand in all cities of Canada.

A registered nurse in Canada is a nurse who has a bachelor\’s degree in the field, which is a really worthwhile career.

In general, the number of hours nurses work varies, because nurses may not work around the clock, and a registered nurse in Canada earns an average salary of $70,000 per year.

Software engineer job:

Most of the industries in the world rely heavily on computer software and applications to do business around the clock.

On the one hand, someone has to design a program to do this software work, and here we are talking about a software engineer.

On average, software engineers in Canada earn a salary of $91,000 per year, but there are those who earn a higher salary.

Account manager job:

An account manager handles a company\’s business with clients according to a specific business. The average salary in Canada for this job is $84,000 annually.

The account manager can increase his income through the commission he receives, and this is what raises the salary of account managers in Canada and in most countries of the world.

For a similar position, you are expected to have a Bachelor\’s degree in Business Administration or equivalent to this degree.

Miners and Oil and Gas Workers Job:

The demand for skilled miners is high in Canada, and this field includes workers in the field of drilling oil and gas wells and similar occupations.

Although there is a demand for these jobs in most Canadian provinces, the demand for a job as a miner in Canada is mainly concentrated in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.

If you have the opportunity to work in Canada in this job, the average salary in Canada will be $70,000,000 per year.

The position of a specialist in mental health and social services:

A good job that requires a great deal of flexibility and patience has not been worked out, and this job is considered one of the most demanded jobs in Canada, which is witnessing great demand as a result of high social pressures.

The average income as a mental health and social services professional is $47,000 per year.

Information security analyst job:

Although there are thousands of in-demand tech jobs in Canada, they fill up very quickly, because there are so many skilled people working in those jobs.

The job of an information security analyst is one of the most demanded jobs in Canada 2019, because companies want to protect their data and find innovative solutions to prevent security breaches.

The average salary in Canada for this job is $68,000,000 annually, and it is one of the highest paying jobs in Canada and one of the fastest growing.

Secondary Education Teacher Position:

An essential job, one of the jobs that contribute to building societies, and it is a rapidly growing job.

These positions include skilled teachers at the secondary level, counselors and directors of educational services.

The average high school teacher salary in Canada is $55,000,000 per year, which is a good opportunity for Arabs.

If you are looking for jobs in Canada for Arabs 2019, this job is a great choice, especially with a huge number of qualified workers in this job in the Arab world.

Engineer job in Canada:

There is always a high demand for this job in Canada, so if you are looking for jobs in Canada 2019 in the engineering field, you have a great chance, especially since about a fifth of engineers in Canada are 55 years old or a little older.

With many engineers approaching retirement age in Canada, the demand for an engineer job in Canada is increasing.

Young engineers in the field of construction, mining and other engineering disciplines have a great opportunity to move to Canada in this field.

The average salary of a structural engineer in Canada, for example, amounts to 67,000 thousand dollars per year, and the average income in Canada varies in the engineering field according to the difference in specialization.

Driver job in Canada:

The driver profession in Canada is one of the professions that is in increasing demand over time, with the increase in the number of residents, immigrants and international students in Canada.

So drivers are needed to transport goods across Canada, to drive school buses, or to drive in Canada\’s public transport sector.

The average driver salary in Canada is $55,000,000 per year, and the income in this job varies depending on the employer in Canada.

Hospitality worker job in Canada:

It is one of the professions in which many people work, and this job has recently become one of the most popular professions for immigrants to Canada, and it has also become one of the professions that those wishing to immigrate to Canada search for.

Working in the tourism sector in Canada is good for those who wish to obtain job opportunities in Canada 2019 from abroad, especially since these professions do not require a great deal of qualification.

The problem with this job is the average salary, and the average is $33,000 per year, but it is a good opportunity to move to Canada, or a good opportunity for new immigrants in Canada who are looking for a temporary and untiring job to get a job in their primary field of work.

Canada Salary Summary

Registered nurse: $70,000 per year

Software engineer: $91,000 per year

Account managers: $84,000 per year

_ Mines, oil and gas: $70,000,000 per year

_ A mental health and social services specialist: 47,000 thousand dollars annually

_ Information security analyst: 68,000 thousand dollars annually

_ Secondary education teacher: 55,000 thousand dollars a year

_ An engineer in Canada: 67,000 thousand dollars annually

_ Driver in Canada: 55,000 thousand dollars annually

_ A hospitality worker in Canada: 33,000 thousand dollars annually

Canada average salary

The average Canadian salary for the above occupations varies from city to city and company to company. It also varies according to the number of years of work experience, the number of years the employee has spent in the same place of work, and other matters.

Also, there are jobs in Canada that have higher average wages, but here we are talking about average wages, along with the percentage of demand for the job at the same time.

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