The best remote jobs from home 2023

With the technical development, it has become easy to do a lot of work from anywhere without the need to move to a specific office and bear the trouble of transportation or driving, and this saves expenses and time and improves work productivity. Remote work is not required to be independent or independent (self-employment), you may work full-time or part-time, but remotely, and remote work jobs do not necessarily require working from home, but you can rent an office in some cafes or common spaces near you .

What are the categories suitable for remote work? FlexJobs founder and CEO Sarah Sottenville says remote work is ideal for people who love to travel, who are called \”digital nomads\” or who have to move a lot and don\’t want to give up their high-paying jobs. With the improvement of technology, the spread of the Internet and its increasing reliability, companies have recognized the fact that the labor market is no longer local, but has expanded into a global market, providing access to talents and competencies even if they are not. in other countries. Therefore, we find that obtaining a remote job has become a possibility that suits different categories and fields of work.

Remote jobs work from home

Part time remote jobs

We have collected for you a list of the 10 best remote jobs that you can do wherever you are, without having to be physically present at the company headquarters or office in which you work:

Writing and editing

If you are looking for remote jobs, you can start applying for writing and editing jobs. This field is fertile and diverse and includes writing content of all kinds: medical, scientific, sports, and others, in addition to journalism, correspondence, language revision, guidebooks, explanatory brochures, educational materials for training courses, writing articles and reports, and others.

Remote customer service jobs

Different companies need work teams to support their customers and answer their inquiries or inform them of the latest services and products provided by the company. And the greater the company\’s size and global reach, the greater the need for teams that specialize in customer service in different languages. You don\’t need to be in China, for example, to be able to work for a major Chinese company in the customer service department! Once you have the skill of communicating in Chinese, you will have the opportunity to work from your home with many international companies that need speakers of this language, in addition to many other languages.

teaching distance

Learning has revolutionized the world of education. And after class was the only way to study and learn, today there are many educational technologies that do not require the teacher and students to be in the same place. You can be in Jordan, and attend a university lecture in Germany, Britain or anywhere else. Similarly, you can teach Arabic, for example, to foreign students in the USA, China or Japan!


Accounting may seem like a boring office job, but it is actually one of the most demanding jobs because any business system needs an accountant to calculate bills, taxes, salaries, returns, expenses, etc. In fact, some freelancers may need someone to manage their accounts with clients. Which makes this field one of the best areas in which remote jobs are available.


Translation often does not require direct interaction between the translator and others. On the contrary, we find that it requires a lot of calmness and focus, which makes it one of the best jobs you can do remotely. It should be noted here that translation is not limited to translating texts and books only, as it is a broad field that includes the localization of programs and user guides (which represent 75% of the global translation market), in addition to interpretation and translation. Consecutive translation, translation of conferences, talks, and more.

Remote data entry jobs

The data entry job may not require high skills other than the speed of printing accurately on the computer, but it is very important and you find it in many jobs such as publishing, printing presses, newspapers, and universities.

Social media management

Who among us does not use social media, whether for personal or professional purposes? Companies and public figures need managers for their social media accounts to upload multimedia materials, manage posts, and develop a marketing plan to benefit from the millions of customers and followers on those sites.

Remote jobs for women and mothers

Women and mothers in particular have great difficulty balancing professional and personal lives with family and marital responsibilities, often resulting in them giving up their jobs and devoting themselves to the care of their families.

However, with the option to work remotely, giving up a job is no longer the only solution for women and mothers. There are many job opportunities and jobs that they can do remotely from their home. Here is a list of the best jobs for women

1-Remote customer service jobs from home

There are many customer service job opportunities that can be done from home. Where workers in this field can respond to customer inquiries, provide appropriate assistance, and complete some administrative tasks… all from home! All you need is a calm home environment, and the ability to learn and use technological software and techniques.

2- Data entry expert

One of the most popular remote jobs available to stay-at-home moms and women is data entry. These are very flexible opportunities that allow you to manage your daily routine with your children and family by working while they sleep or when they are at school. All you need to start applying for data entry jobs are advanced writing skills as well as attention to detail, which many moms already possess.

3- Recruitment Coordinator

If you enjoy helping others land a new job, working as a remote hiring coordinator may be an option for you. In this job, you will assist the Human Resources Management team in reviewing the resumes and job applications they receive, conducting research on applicants to learn more about their academic and professional background, and onboarding new employees to join the team. All this remotely from your home and without the need to work in the company\’s office.

4- Test proofreader

Proofreaders are people who place great importance on minute details, and they can find errors and omissions, even very small ones. And it\’s a job you can do remotely, too.

5- Blogger on the Internet, whether it is your own blog or you contribute to the enrichment of content on the Internet by publishing your articles on a specific website. Blogging is one of the best jobs a woman can do remotely. If you have strong writing skills and love to share your thoughts and experiences with the world, then blogging is a great opportunity for you.

6- Travel advice

You can find many remote job opportunities in the field of travel. As a travel advisor, you will manage travel arrangements, including airline or ship reservations, as well as hotel reservations and other travel necessities. This particular job may offer you additional benefits, including discounts on flights and special travel opportunities for you and your family as well.

Remote working conditions

Remote work requires a significant commitment that enables you to take the time to complete your tasks without overshadowing your personal life.

Some sites, such as Fiverr, Upwork, Flexjobs, and LinkedIn, help you find jobs that you can do remotely, where you can choose your preferences in the job you want (such as choosing to work part-time, freelance, etc.).

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