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Studying in France is one of the important things that many young people seek to go to to complete their university studies or diploma and doctoral studies. France does not only stand out as the first destination that most people around the world think of as tourism, enjoying its picturesque nature and charming monuments.

Study in France

On the contrary, it is also a major destination and an excellent choice when considering obtaining a degree from one of the major global buildings and acquiring theoretical and practical experiences compatible with the latest technologies and technological means achieved by science in all fields. In this article, let\’s discover the advantages, conditions and costs of studying in French universities. With how to apply to the best universities in France and how to get a visa to go there.

Studying in France has many advantages. For example, we mention the following:

Of course, the first advantage of studying there will be learning and mastering the French language.

In addition, the French government covers a large part of the costs of the students who study there.

The techniques, systems and methods of teaching the French language have evolved greatly.

The possibility of studying in English as well, but the priority remains for the French language.

A student can get a scholarship that includes all costs of living and studying there.

The weather in most of its cities is less cold than in other European countries, which is of course suitable for students coming from Arab countries.

Diversity of specializations and inclusion of education stages and levels.

The charming beauty of nature in French cities, where traveling to study there will also be an enjoyable tourist trip.

Conditions of study in France

There are many requirements that most universities and educational institutions in Farasa ask for to accept any student. The first of these requirements is that the student has a high school diploma or what is also called a bachelor\’s degree. In addition, the student must master the French language before starting to study there, as most universities and majors depend on it.

An important condition for studying in French universities is that you have been previously accepted into one of them. Therefore, you have to apply to the universities you wish to study in and wait for your admission to any of them. You can also use one of the famous institutions to mediate between you and these universities, such as Campus France.

The last requirement to study there is to submit papers and obtain a visa or visa to travel to France. A test of the student\’s abilities and level of excellence may also be conducted before admission.

Study costs in France

The costs of studying there vary according to the type of university you will study in, whether it is a public or private university. In addition, you will need the costs of housing and living there, which in turn will vary depending on the French city in which you will live.

Tuition fees in public universities

As in all countries, the costs of studying in French public universities are much lower than those of private universities. Not only that, but it is also considered very low compared to the costs of studying in other European countries.

As a doctoral student has to pay only about 400 euros per full academic year at a public university in France. While the average bachelor student has to pay up to around 2,800 euros during the year. As for the master’s degree, it is the most expensive, with fees amounting to about 3,800 euros annually.

Tuition fees in private universities

As we said, tuition fees in private French universities are higher than in public universities. The fees that you have to pay to these universities vary according to the major you intend to study. Some majors will only cost you more than 1,500 euros annually, while there are other majors whose fees can reach 10,000 euros annually.

Cost of living and housing

Of course, tuition fees will not be the only amounts paid by students wishing to travel and study in France. Instead, there are many other costs that they have to pay, which can often be higher than the costs of the study itself.

Where the student will have to rent accommodation near the university to live in it for the duration of his studies. He must also pay living expenses, food, telephone and transportation. Plus entrance fees to movie theaters and popular attractions if he likes it.

All these costs will not be small, because, dear reader, you will have to spend an amount ranging from 600 to more than 1000 euros per month to provide these necessities, and these costs vary according to the city in which you will live and the privacy of your lifestyle and living needs.

You can save on accommodation costs by applying for a room in a university residence, which will only cost you around 150€ per month. While the cost of renting a room in some areas may reach more than 300 euros and more. However, you will not have much chance of getting a room in a university residence.

How to get a study visa in France

There are several official documents that you need to bring in order to apply for a visa to study in France, and these documents include the following:

You must pay the application fee, which amounts to around one hundred euros, and bring proof of payment.

  • Fill in the required form with your personal information.
  • Bring a document proving your admission to a French university.
  • You must bring a medical certificate proving that you do not have infectious diseases.
  • Bring a paper without a judgment against him proving that your file is exempt from any crime or court ruling.
  • 2 personal photos.
  • Copies of your valid passport, first 4 pages.
  • Proof of passing a French language test.
  • Your CV.
  • A copy of your baccalaureate degree.
  • A bank statement or proof that you have sufficient funds to study and live in France.

Sometimes more papers and documents may be requested depending on your major and the university you attended.

The best French universities

In fact, all French universities are very distinguished, but there are many that have gained a very high reputation. This is due to the superior teaching methods and systems of these universities, the most famous of which are the Sorbonne and Ecole Polytechnique, as well as the University of Lyon, the PSL Research University of Paris and the University of Paris-Saclay. You must specify the university you want and the major you want to study before writing to them and obtaining admission to enroll there.

Thus, dear reader, we have come to the conclusion of this article, in which we touched on the topic of the advantages of studying in France, with an explanation of its most important conditions and costs. He also mentioned the best French universities to study and how to get a visa to go there.

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