Registration for Campus France 2023

Depending on personal situation, there are 3 categories for student enrollment at university in France:

1. Submission of registration in the first year of the license

2. Submission of registration for the second or third year of a bachelor\’s degree or registration for a master\’s degree

3. Applying for a Ph.D.

Campus enrollment France 2023

Below is a breakdown of each case:

1. Submission of registration in the first year of the license

If you hold a non-European secondary diploma

DAP procedure (white or yellow)

Do you want to enroll in the first year of university (Bachelor\’s degree L1) or in the first year of health studies (PASS) at a French public university? In this case, the DAP (Initial Application for Admission) is an essential step in submitting your application for enrolment.

through the websiteStudies in FranceThe DAP application procedure allows you to choose up to 3 undergraduate courses, i.e. 3 universities, or only 2 architecture institutions. The white DAP is for enrollment in regular public universities, while the yellow DAP is for schools anyway, you should rank your choices according to your personal preferences .

Registration for the 2022/2023 academic year begins on October 1, 2022, and ends on December 15, 2022.

Please note: a French language test (TCF or DELF) is mandatory for the DAP

The candidate must pass a French language exam (TCF or DELF) as part of L1 registration.

A compulsory test is organized by the Alliance française institutes (TCF DAP, Delf-Dalf and TEF) to assess candidates\’ written and oral understanding of the French language, as well as their written skills.

More information about exams and language tests:

If you hold a French or European Baccalaureate

Procedure parkursap

For foreign residents and EU citizens residing in Saudi Arabia and holders of a French or European high school diploma, registration is mandatory via the Parcoursup website.

Once you have been accepted into a university, whether by DAP or Parcoursup, you must follow the \’Studies in France\’ procedure to apply for a visa.

2. Enrollment in the second/third year of a bachelor\’s or master\’s degree

If you are a student or employee and wish to register for the second year of a bachelor\’s, master\’s or doctoral degree, you must proceed with the registration with DAP

Follow the procedureStudies in France\”.

Create your personal online profile and allow yourself to be guided. If necessary, contact Campus France counselors in your area for more information.

Registration for the academic year 2022/2023 begins on October 1, 2022, and ends on January 1, 2023.

You will then be offered to make an appointment online for an interview with a Campus France counselor in your city.

If the university is not in the registration site \”Studies in France\”

If the university does not appear in Etudes en France, you must submit your application directly to the university and contact us as soon as you receive your acceptance letter.

Please note: each university/educational center has its own calendar with a specific deadline for applications and registration.

3. Apply for a Ph.D.

Direct registration at the university

If you are interested in obtaining a doctorate, we recommend that you read the article dedicated to doctoral studies in France.

To obtain a PhD, you must submit your application directly to the Doctoral School (attached to a university) and contact us as soon as you receive an acceptance letter.

Attention: Each university/educational center has its own registration calendar with specific application submission and registration deadline. PhD offers are usually published in January, and students are selected between April and May to start the academic year in September of the same year.

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