Immigration to Canada 2023

Welcome to Canada – If you are considering immigrating to Canada, or if you are already in the country and applying for permanent residence, Express Entry is the right option for you.

The Express Entry lottery is organized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which selects people to immigrate to Canada.

Selection is based on CRS Comprehensive Ranking System scores, people with high CRS scores are more likely to enter Canada, and on average, around 489 points are required.

In this regard, Canadian immigration specialist Franklin Rodriguez of Mi Casa Canada Immigration Services says that certain details allow applicants to earn more points.

Improve your English language skills

Perhaps the easiest way to improve your grades, though a slightly more expensive option, is to improve your English skills, says Rodriguez.

You are advised to re-take the IELTS English exam and get a higher score that can increase your points.

\”There are free YouTube videos you can watch and practice tests you can take to help you,\” Rodriguez adds.

learn French

\”Once you learn French, not only will you get more points in your CRS score, but learning French opens up many other immigration opportunities,\” says Rodriguez.

Learning French improves your Express Entry profile, he said, and can also improve other aspects of your life in Canada, from job prospects to meeting and connecting with new people.

direct subordination to the provinces

When you create an Express Entry profile, says Rodriguez, you can express interest in running for any or all of the provinces, however, you can also apply directly to the provinces and request that nomination.

Having a provincial nomination gives your profile more entry points, and therefore more chances of approval.

“So check out all the immigration programs in the province, see which one suits you the most and apply for this one. It takes time, but it can lead to more points and possibly getting approved,” he said.

Get more work experience

If you hold a work permit, you can gain more work experience, over time, while you are already a candidate, your experience will automatically increase.

This can help you because more work experience means more points.

further education

If you are looking to hone your skills while increasing your chances of becoming a permanent resident of Canada, it may be time to look at your credentials and education.

\”If you get your bachelor\’s degree at home and your master\’s degree in Canada, make sure you get that degree in another country that is evaluated by Canadian education standards,\” says Rodriguez.

There are organizations, such as World Education Services, that do just that.

Or better yet, you can earn a second degree or credit in Canada. More education, whether in Canada or abroad, can earn you more points.

Immigrate to Canada for work

If you wish to work in Canada, Canada is making it easier for those with these jobs to immigrate and reside

The federal government is making the transition easier for people with a range of select Express Entry jobs

This means that people in these occupations can now use the Express Entry system to apply for permanent residence in Canada, which can be faster and easier.

And on November 17, the following occupations became eligible for Express Entry

  • the listener
  • Dental assistants and dental laboratory assistants
  • Nursing aides, fee service and patient service assistants
  • Pharmacy assistants
  • Primary and secondary teaching assistants
  • members of the security forces
  • Corrections officers
  • Law enforcement and security personnel
  • Cosmetologists and related professions
  • Installation in residential and commercial areas
  • Pest control and fumigation workers
  • truck driver
  • Bus drivers, subway operators and other transportation operators
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors

So, if you work in the fields mentioned above, your path to permanent residence in Canada may become a little easier.

As with all other Express Entry careers, you must still meet all eligibility criteria, including proof of work experience.

Why does Canada aim to welcome 1.5 million new immigrants by 2025?

Immigrate to Canada

The Canadian government is working hard on immigration to fill the void in the country\’s economy, which was left by the departure of those belonging to the so-called \”baby boom\” period, from the country\’s workforce due to advanced age.

By \”baby boom\” we mean people born between 1946 and 1964, a period that saw a significant and temporary increase in the number of births in countries affected by World War II.

Earlier this month, the federal government announced a plan to receive 500,000 immigrants annually for three years until 2025, which means that about 1.5 million new immigrants are expected to arrive in the country over the next three years.

According to this plan, the rate of immigrants that Canada would welcome annually, relative to its population, would be nearly eight times the annual rate for permanent residents in the United Kingdom, and four times that in its southern neighbor, the United States. United State.

Immigration and work in Canada

But a recent poll in Canada shows there are concerns about welcoming many newcomers.

The Canadian government has been trying for many years to attract permanent residents, that is, resident immigrants who have the right to remain in the country indefinitely without being citizens, to keep the population growing and the economy moving. Last year alone, the country welcomed 405,000 permanent residents, the highest number in its entire history.

Part of the reason for this Canadian attitude is simple math. Like many Western countries, Canada has an aging population, with a high proportion of elderly people and a low birth rate. This means that if a country is to seek growth rather than contraction, it must take in more immigrants.

Immigrants currently make up practically all of the country\’s workforce, and by 2032 they are also expected to make up all of the country\’s population growth, according to Canadian government data.

Earlier this month, the government announced that over the next three years and by 2025 it hopes to attract 500,000 new immigrants annually, about 25% more than the number of migrants entering the country in 2021.

Another aspect that makes Canada unique in the Western world in its approach to immigration is its focus on economic immigration, with nearly half of Canada\’s permanent residents obtaining residency based on their skills, rather than due to family reunification laws.

By 2025, the government hopes to reach 60%.

For more information about immigrating to Canada through the Express Immigration Program click here here.

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