How do you obtain residency in France?

The conditions for obtaining residence in France 2023 are important things that must be known to all those wishing to immigrate to France, whether for study, work, marriage, investment, or any other purpose, without forgetting, of course, illegal immigrants. province.

It should be noted that the French government published a wonderful law – allowing all these people to obtain residence in France – and called it the Immigrant Resettlement and Settlement Act, but of course, certain conditions set by the government must be met in order to grant them this residence, and this is what we will learn about in this article.

Residence permit in France

Before we talk about the requirements for obtaining residence in France 2023, let us first learn about the types of residence permits granted by the French government to those who come to its country, as they include the following:

  • One-year residency granted to students coming to study in France. In addition to European and foreign spouses – married to French citizens or permanent residents – on their first visit.
  • A five-year residency granted to foreign spouses after the expiration of the first annual residency period and the desire to renew it.
  • permanent residence for ten years; It is awarded to retired or active seniors residing in France. or couples married to French nationals, after renewing their residence permit for five years. Its bearer gets all the rights of French nationality except for election.

Conditions for obtaining residency in France 2023 for young people

Young people over the age of eighteen can obtain French residency after fulfilling certain conditions. They must prove to the authorities that they entered France before they reached the age of sixteen. Unless they are members of a family with French permanent residence.

They must also prove that they have been educated in schools and educational institutions and that they strive to achieve the standard of education throughout their school life. In addition to showing their respect for the prevailing values ​​in French society. As for young people under the age of 18, the ASE Foundation will take care of and support them immediately.

Requirements for residence in France by work

Here we can distinguish the conditions for obtaining residence in France in 2022 for legal immigrants outside its borders. And the conditions for granting it to illegal immigrants who have been on its territory for some time.

for regular immigrants

For those who wish to work in France on a regular basis and obtain residency there, they are required to enter into a fixed-term or indefinite-term contract with their employer, the duration of which is not less than a full year, and they must also have extensive scientific and practical experience limited to Three years of university studies in the same major, in addition to a previous work experience of not less than five years.

The applicant must also engage in this work in France for at least two years after obtaining the necessary permit, after which he can change jobs. As for the nature of the work itself, the annual income received by the applicant must be equal to or more than one and a half times the minimum wage fixed by the French government each year.

for illegal immigrants

As we said, the previous conditions are related to applicants to work on a regular basis, but what about illegal immigrants?

They can also apply for residency in France after proving certain things, as the conditions for obtaining residency in France 2022 for illegal immigrants – or Harraqis – require that this immigrant justify his presence on French soil for a period of not less than five years.

He must also prove that his working time in France has exceeded eight months in the past two years, or more than thirty months in the past five years, with an employment contract or promise of employment.

As for people who immigrated to France for more than seven years, they only need to justify how long they have been on French soil and worked there for at least one year during the past three years.

What are the conditions for family reunification in France?

There are many requirements for obtaining residency in France 2023 that must be met by both the resident of France and their family members who wish to reunite and obtain residency in France, and we can summarize these requirements as follows:

Conditions for family reunification that the applicant must fulfill:

To have a period of residence in France of more than 1.5 years before submitting his application, and a period of residence of not less than one year after submitting the application.

He must have suitable accommodation, sufficient for him and his family to reunite, regardless of whether it is rented.

His monthly income must be sufficient to support those who are to be reunited, and a sum of one thousand two hundred euros has been fixed as a minimum suitable for a family of three.

Reunification conditions that family members must fulfill:

The most important condition is that these people are nothing but a wife, husband or children.

The age of the wife or husband to be reunited must be over eighteen years of age.

A documented and official marriage contract between the spouses.

For children, they must be over eighteen years of age at the time of application.

Children of the wife or husband can be reunited if they also fulfill the previous conditions.

Requirements for residence in France by maternity

We mean the residency granted to newborn babies in France. Where every newborn gets this residency directly, regardless of the nationality of their parents. Not only that, but he can also apply for French citizenship at the age of sixteen.

Conversely, if the parents have French nationality, but the child was born outside the borders of France, his parents can demand that he be granted the right of residence and French nationality.

Any child can acquire this citizenship at the age of eighteen. However, he must have resided in France for at least five years.

What are the French residency requirements for treatment?

Some are looking for the conditions for obtaining residency in France for the year 2023 to receive treatment. In fact, the French government grants this short-term residence permit to applicants, and even exempts citizens of some countries from obtaining it, such as UAE nationals, if the duration of residence does not exceed three months.

Conditions for obtaining residency in France to study

All conditions for obtaining residence in France for the year 2023 must be met in order to study there, which students can obtain from French consulates in their country. In addition to registration and admission to one of the famous universities – such as the University of Montpellier – or French educational institutions. With the completion of flight reservations, accommodation, travel, study and living expenses.

Conditions for obtaining residency in France 2023 through investment

Anyone can invest and trade in France, but there are conditions for obtaining residency in France through investment. These conditions are to establish a company in which he owns more than a third of the shares. In addition to providing him with job opportunities within this company within 4 years of its establishment. The value of the investment in it should not be less than three hundred thousand euros, after which you will be granted temporary residence for up to 4 years.

We now come to the conclusion of this article, in which we explain all the conditions for obtaining residence in France 2023, whether for work, family reunification, maternity, care, or study. We hope that we have been able to provide you with everything that is useful to you.

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