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Missions from the Department of State and International Development

Scholarships offered by French embassies abroad:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development distributes scholarships from the French government for the study, practice or learning of the language in France. Most scholarships are distributed by the Departments of Cooperation and Cultural Action of French Embassies and Consulates General abroad. Thus, any candidate, regardless of his country of residence, should contact the services of cooperation and cultural action in the country of origin directly to obtain, well in advance of his departure, all information relating to the scholarships, in particular the conditions for obtaining the scholarship, the schedule of the candidate selection process and application files Grants.

There are several categories of scholarships: fellowships, training grants and high-level residence grants.

for more information:

Contact the Department of Cooperation and Cultural Action at the French Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence.

Specific programs:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development also offers scholarships within the framework of the specific programs of its services in Paris (Directorate General for Global Affairs, Development and Partnerships, Directorate for Cultural, University and Research Cooperation, Sousse – Directorate for Higher Education and Directorate General for Agency Mobility).

Eiffel franchise:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development launched the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program for master\’s degrees in 1999, with the aim of supporting the employment of foreign students in French higher education institutions, in the context of the growing competition among developed countries to attract foreigners. elite. students.

This system was supplemented in 2005 with the addition of a PhD course intended for outstanding PhD students.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development has decided to combine the two parts of this program into a single call for applications, in order to make the program more readable. However, there are two different nomination forms for each of the two tracks.

The Eiffel Scholarship Program funds the following:

Master\’s level training

Ten-month travel under joint university supervision or joint doctoral thesis supervision (preferably in the second or third year of a PhD).

The objectives of the Eiffel Excellence Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development are:

Training of foreign decision-makers from the public and private sectors in French higher education institutions in three priority areas of training (sciences, economics, management, law and political science);

Encouraging applications from students from emerging countries, mainly from Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and new member states of the European Union, as well as from industrialized countries at doctoral level.

The Eiffel Program is a tool available to French higher education institutions to help them attract the best foreign students. Applications are made exclusively to French institutions, and the institutions that submit applications must commit themselves to enrolling admitted students in the educational program they have chosen in their application.

The administration of the Eiffel Program is entrusted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development to France campus

Major Excellence Scholarships:

The Distinguished Scholarship Program – Master, a joint program between the Directorate-General for Globalization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and the Agency for French Education Abroad, is part of the policy to promote French higher education. The program allows the best foreign students from French educational institutions abroad (according to the list of accredited schools as of June 4, 2010) to continue their higher-level higher education in France.

The Master Excellence Scholarships is a tool for the promotion of French higher education used within the framework of French cultural policy and cooperation abroad.

These scholarships aim to enhance student mobility and are a vector of cultural diversity with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and the Agency for French Education Abroad, through the network of French educational institutions abroad.

These scholarships are for foreign students leaving French secondary schools to continue their studies in elite higher education programmes.

This program consists of two parts, the first part is funded by credits from the Agency for French Education Abroad and is granted to foreign students who have graduated from French secondary schools abroad, having obtained a diploma of high school studies with good or very good grades, and includes a two-year scholarship for admission to preparatory departments or university courses for a first degree in France. The second part, funded by appropriations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, includes scholarships for a period of three years to allow these students to continue their education at higher institutes or universities until obtaining a master\’s degree. (5 years of university studies).

More information in French

Grants from the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research

Some students may also apply, depending on their nationality and legal status, for assistance from the French Ministry of National Education, which offers travel grants, grants based on social criteria, and financial assistance for doctoral studies.

For more information, the Ministry of National Education, Higher education and research

Scholarships offered under European programmes

the program Erasmus+ Higher education contributes to the creation of a European Higher Education Area by encouraging student mobility activities in Europe and internationally (for study or practice).

The program provides financial assistance to cover part of the costs of travel and accommodation. The amount of assistance varies according to the host country chosen by the student.

For more information, contact the higher education institution where you are studying to find out how the exchange program works.

Scholarships from the University Agency of Francophonie

The Agency Universitaire de la Francophonie dedicates work programs to help students, teachers and researchers.

More information in French

Scholarships for international organizations, NGOs, and foundations

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>> To finance the preparation of a doctoral or post-doctoral dissertation: a guide to the French Association of Doctoral Holders \” Andes Mountains »

Grants to local and regional authorities

County councils and other local and regional authorities award mobility grants to foreign students. To find out more about these scholarships, you should contact the county council or the regional council of the province in which you wish to pursue your studies directly.

Foreign government grants

Some countries offer scholarships to study abroad. Students can obtain information about these scholarships from the Ministry of Education in their country or from the body administering the scholarships.

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