Coming to Canada without a job offer


Eligibility criteria

You can become a permanent resident of Canada by immigrating to Nova Scotia. To do this, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have completed your secondary education, including a baccalaureate.
  2. You have at least a year of work experience, more experience is an asset.
  3. Create an Express Entry profile and score at least 67 points.

Express Entry is a points system that assesses aspects such as age, education, work experience and English language level. There is a simulator on the Canada site to see how many points your profile can get.

When you create your Express Entry profile, you must select Nova Scotia as your relay destination. If you meet the criteria, the county will send you an invitation letter. With this invitation, you can apply to the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program. If you are nominated by a province, 600 points will automatically be added to your Express Entry profile, allowing you to become a permanent resident.

Note that you can do this process with your family. It is not necessary to have a job offer for this process. All you need is a profile to amuse the county. This program is called Express Entry.

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