Canada launches a new process to welcome newcomers

target areas

This year, group selection invitations will focus on applicants with high proficiency in French or work experience in the following areas:

  1. health care
  2. Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
  3. Trades such as carpenters, plumbers and contractors
  4. communications
  5. Agriculture and agrifood

By inviting more skilled workers into these occupations, basket-based selection supports Canada\’s commitment to welcoming in-demand professionals into communities across the country. In addition, by paying special attention to Francophone immigration, the Government of Canada ensures that Francophone communities can continue to live their lives in Canada in the official language of their choice.

The package-based selection will make Express Entry more responsive to the changing needs of the Canadian economy and labor market, while building on the elevated human capital approach that has been a hallmark of the success of economic immigration from Canada. These priorities maintain the focus on hiring skilled workers who have the potential to integrate and contribute to Canada\’s future.

For more details about the new immigration system and the opportunities available, we invite you to visit the website of Immigrate to Canada

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