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Jobs and professions required in Canada 2023

 Jobs and professions required in Canada 2023. As is well known, Canada is a country of immigrants par excellence, so we find that every year it opens its doors to thousands of immigrants, including workers, craftsmen, engineers, and investors, with the aim of residing in it and creating an economic boom that contributes to the development of Canada.

Marco Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship in the Canadian government, announced a plan to attract immigrants from different countries of the world, which also includes Moroccans, Algerians, and various citizens of Arab countries.

The following is the numerical distribution of residence and work grants for this plan by year:

400 thousand in 2021 411 thousand in 2022 421 thousand in 2023 After implementing this decision, at the end of 2023, the number of immigrants in Canada will increase, and the number of immigrants will represent about 1% of the total population in Canada.  

The number of immigrants being attracted remains insufficient. How is it possible for a country with an area of ​​nearly 10 million square kilometers and classified as the second largest in the world, with a population of only 40 million?

Therefore, the Canadian government always seeks to bring workers and immigrants in an emergency and inevitable because it needs citizens to live in this country and also needs skilled workers to fill vacancies in Canada.

The country’s economy and strength depend on the number of its population and the labor force present in it, which helps it to compete economically at the global level in various industries and fields, so you can imagine the vast difference between the population in China or America and the population in Canada

However, to immigrate to Canada, the authorities prefer to bring in skilled labor that can provide a strong addition to the labor market in Canada. Therefore, those wishing to immigrate to Canada in order to work must have certificates and experience in areas where there is a shortage of labor in Canada.

Therefore, the State of Canada every year expands the list of professions accepted to immigrate to Canada so that people who master these professions can apply to immigration programs for skilled workers (2023 express entry)

This is what we will try to address in the rest of the article:


Let's learn about the most essential jobs and professions in demand in Canada in 2023 Specializations required in Canada, there are more than 300 professional fields in Canada that suffer from a lack of skilled and specialized labor, but we will try to identify only some jobs in Canada for Arabs that are popular with citizens of Arab countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt…

Before starting to talk about the professions and jobs required in Canada, it should be noted that a certificate of professional experience must be submitted for any professional field or occupation, as it is not possible to talk about a person’s professional experience if he does not have recognized professional documents that prove and certify that.

For example, we find a barber who has 10 years of experience in the field of barbering and cosmetology… He has a barbering diploma, but he has no proof that he has 10 years of experience in this field. This makes him lose his chances of immigrating to Canada because he could not prove professional experience in his field.

Therefore, attention should be paid to this point, as a certificate of professional experience is necessary and indispensable, and therefore the professions required in Canada without a certificate remain very limited and linked to certain characteristics and few provinces in Canada.

Required jobs in Canada 2023

  • Professors and teachers in basic and university education;
  • Primary school and kindergarten teachers
  • educational counselors
  • College staff and career coaches
  • computer systems programmers and developers;
  • graphic designers;
  • accountants;
  • investment analysts for investment and stock exchange companies;
  • information security consultants;
  • professional chefs;
  • Doctors of all specialties
  • Nurses and healthcare providers
  • sales representatives

Required professions in Canada for women The most demanded professions in Canada for women are professions related to the field of childcare and the field of nursing, and the most common job for women is the retail sales representative, which is classified as the most sought-after job for women in Canada.

And we leave you with this video on YouTube that shows the huge shortage in the field of sales representatives as well as the most in-demand professions in Kindle between 2023 and 2027 with salaries

Jobs in Canada for Engineers There are many job opportunities in Canada for engineers and in various engineering disciplines

  • flight engineer
  • Architect
  • Metallurgical and Raw Materials Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • mechanical engineer
  • Electrical and electronic engineer
  • Energy engineer
  • Engineer in the field of informatics with various specializations
  • Computer software engineers
  • Heavy industry engineers
  • Engineers of various specializations: In conclusion, engineering fields of various specializations are in demand in Canada

Occupations in demand in Canada 2023 There are many specializations and professions required in Canada, but we will only try to present the professions that workers from Arab countries can work on. The following is a list of required professions in Canada:

gardeners and gardeners; network workers; journalists; Shoemaking workers Welding or Sodor in Moroccan dialect nurses; firefighters; barbers and hairdressers; chefs and cooks; Providers of hospitality services in hotels and tourist attractions; construction technicians; purchasing managers; manufacturing department managers; financial analysts; medical laboratory workers; petroleum drilling engineers; sewing workers; postal employees; mechanical engineers; social welfare personnel; Mining engineers. Drivers (trucks, forklifts, taxis…) are among the most in-demand professions in Canada due to the huge shortage in this field.

Demanded crafts professions in Canada 2023

civil engineers;
Physiotherapists and physical rehabilitation specialists;
Doctors in all fields;
interior designers
nutrition experts;
Graphics specialists;
Tailoring and fashion profession

Conditions for applying for these required professions in Canada

The professions required in Canada 2022, as we have seen, are many and varied and in several fields of medicine, engineering, education…

However, a person who wishes to apply for one of these professions and jobs through the Canadian Immigration Program for Skilled Workers express entry is required to meet some necessary and important conditions, which are as follows:

Professional experience for at least two years, and the more years of experience, the better the chances; English language proficiency by obtaining a language diploma recognized in Canada (IELTS for example) Fluency in the French language if selected for Quebec immigration programs; Study certificates (the more high school certificates there are, the better the chances) availability of adequate financial resources;

In summary, those wishing to immigrate to Canada through the Canadian Immigration Program for Skilled Workers express entry must have at least:

Fluency in English or French, depending on the Canadian province in which he wishes to settle, and the availability of a certificate of language proficiency (it gives you a maximum of 28 points) Professional work experience (gives you a maximum of 15 points) Educational certificates appropriate to the job or profession he wishes to practice in Canada (gives you a maximum of 15 points) Age so that the lower the age, the more points (it gives you a maximum of 15 points according to your age) If you have a work contract in Canada, this order can give you a maximum of 10 additional points

These requirements are only part of a group of things through which the person wishing to enter Canada through this program is evaluated, and the number of points that can be obtained is about 100 a maximum. In general, the success rate is to obtain 67 points, and in the event that this rate is not reached, the application will be rejected.

These are the most important conditions, but there are still other conditions and steps that must be taken in stages. For more information, please refer to the official website to register for immigration to Canada, where you will find more detailed information.

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