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How To Find Canada Government Jobs

 How To Find Government Jobs In Canada – The Canadian public sector is in demand of workers and the Canadian government is doing its best to ensure that people fill up the labour shortages in the public sector even if it means inviting foreign nationals.

Getting a government job in Canada is not always easy but why worry about that when we got you covered. In this article, we are going to show you some of the best government jobs in Canada and also how you can get them.

Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live in and if you are working for the government, you will certainly enjoy wonderful benefits like flexible working condition, attractive salaries and wages, free healthcare etc.


So now that you know that there are a lot of job opportunities in the public sector for you, let’s show you the jobs that are available so you can know how to start your application.

Without further ado, let’s proceed…


Best Government Jobs In Canada

In this part of the article, we will be looking at some of the best government jobs in Canada that you can apply for and you shouldn’t worry about salaries because they are the top paying government jobs in Canada.

  • Human Resources Technician

Many governments owned organizations in Canada are currently looking for skilled workers in the human resource department to perform all administrative tasks in the HR department and also write and translate various documents relating to the department.

There are openings in the Administrative Services Group which is classified as an AS-03 and so if you are grounded in planning and logistics, here is your chance to work for the Canadian government.

  • Accounts payable administrator

An internationally renowned company operating in the field of aeronautics and is located in Ville-Saint Laurent is looking for Accounts Payable Administrators to join their team, this is a six months temporary contract and there is a possibility that your contract would be extended and renewed.

As an Accounts Payable Administrator, you will work as the Shared Accounts Service Centre.

This is one of the most respected professions in Canada and regardless of your specialization; there are a lot of job opportunities for you in the public sector in Canada.

How To Find Government Job In Canada

We are going to be giving you some tips on how you can find government jobs in Canada and if you follow these guidelines, finding a job in Canada is not going to be as difficult as it seems.

So let’s forge ahead…

You will have to create a job profile with the public service commission of Canada and this is done online. You will have to look for jobs that match your skills and interests.

  • Try all the levels of government

There is a saying that you shouldn’t lay all your eggs in one basket and so you should just apply for job at one level of government. If you cannot break into the federal public service, you can try applying at the provincial level or even the municipal level.

You will have to set up job alerts with the public sector whether at the federal, provincial or municipal level, anyone that interests you. This alert will give you notification about available jobs.

  • Understand the statement of merit criteria for the job you are applying for

The Statement of Merit Criteria (SOMC) accompanies every job in the public sector especially at the federal level. It includes the knowledge requirements, operational requirements, educational qualifications, language proficiency, work experience and abilities as all these are what the government will consider before giving you a job.

You have to understand the SOMC so that you will know where you best fit in so that you can channel your efforts and resources there because you have a high chance of getting the job.

There are a lot of jobs opportunities in Canada and there are also a lot of competitions for government jobs so you will need a good CV for you to have an edge over other applicants.

Your CV is the first thing your potential employer sees and this will tell them if you are the best fit for the job so your CV has to be enticing but mind you, don’t give false information.

You should also have a good cover letter as it shows the employer what you have to over to the organization and why you are the best fit for the job.

So you can employ the services of a professional resume and cover letter writer to help you write a perfect resume that will give you are edge over other applicants.

If you are willing to move to anywhere in Canada, then you stand a chance of landing a job in the public sector because there are a lot of jobs in the public sector whether at the federal, provincial or municipal level.

  • You can start as a temporary worker

It wouldn’t be bad if you start off as a temporary worker in the public sector and then work your way up to becoming a permanent workers as many government workers in Canada today started as a temporary worker.

Whether you are looking for a job in the private sector or public sector, you will have to ask your friends, family and also well-wishers; you never can tell who could link you up with a job.

When you see a job that best fits you, you have to apply by submitting your CV or cover letter to show that you are interested in the job and if you are living outside Canada, you can submit your application online.

But when you are submitting your application online, make sure all your information are accurate and submit before any deadline.

  • Follow up on your application

Because you have submitted your application doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t follow up on your application because following up your application will mean that you are really interested in the job and that you are willing to work if given the opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it difficult to get government jobs in Canada?

Well, it is not actually easy to get a government job in Canada but it is not too difficult. They always scrutinize the applications of applicants and since there are a lot of competitors, they always look for the best of the best.

Also, applicants go through different test as this is a way to screen out people that are not fit and get the best of the best.

  • How much do government workers in Canada earn?

A government worker in Canada could earn an average of about $54,675 to $60,965 in a year. For the Entry-level positions, they could earn about $35,987 to $40,786 per year.

For the experienced workers, they could earn about $95,786 to $100,000 in a year.

  • Are there government jobs in Canada?

Like we have said in this article that there are a lot of government jobs in Canada and we have also listed some of the best government jobs in the country.

Final Note

Canada is the best place for you to live and work in as there are many wonderful benefits you get living and working in Canada. Also, the Canadian government has a target of inviting over 411,000 foreigners to come fill up labour shortages in the country.

So you see that Canada is the place to be and the best time to immigrate to Canada is now. So start your application for job and also your immigration application so that you can move to Canada as soon as possible.



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